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We have tried to organise all our products in a logical way, but if you can't find something - email us...


We do not stock every product that is available to add colour to your fibre and fabric.  There is an ever growing range of amazing products out there - and we have some basic criteria...  

* if the product is not permanent on fabric, ie. cannot survive hand washing, we won't stock it.  

* if we consider (as a life long textile artist) the product to be grossly overrated, we won't stock it.


For example:  Gelli Plates - mono print like the experts without a press !  Approx $40 for an A4 plate is a lot to pay, when a piece of perspex or similiar does the job perfectly well.  Or a few dollars spent on some gelatine and a bit of effort will produce virtually the same item with just as good results.  (ask us for the instructions).

Last updated: 13 Jun 2017