Shibori and Indigo


Natural  - 50g  $12.50     100g  $22.00     250g  $45.00


Synthetic  -  pre-reduced 60% grains     50g  $12.50   100g  $22.00    250g  $45.00    500g  $75.00

(the only natural dye that has been replicated.  Synthetic indigo uses almost the same recipe, exactly the same technique, and  gives identical results to natural indigo.  Less temperamental, and a dark blue is achievable with one dip - using less dye).  

Soda ash    500g  $5.25    1kg  $9.00 

Sodium hydrosulphite  250g  $10.50



Shibori with Indigo Kits


4 litre  -  Synthetic pre-reduced indigo, soda ash & sodium hydros - all weighed out in the exact amounts for you to make up a 4 litre vat.  Plus instructions, disposable gloves, small arashi pole, clothes pegs, ball of string, rubber bands, and shibori sticks.  All packed in a 4.5 litre bucket.    $35.00


15 litre  -  Synthetic pre-reduced indigo, soda ash, & sodium hydros - enough to make up a 15 litre vat.  Plus instructions, basic shibori directions, disposable gloves, arashi pole, clothes pegs, ball of string, thread, shibori sticks, rubber bands, clamps, and itajime shapes.  No bucket.   $55.00




Itajime  -  clamp shibori shapes

6mm thick   clear   Plexiglass  

(thinner is prone to breaking, warping, and is less resistant to heat.  Whilst thicker can be cumbersome ie. too thick a bundle for your clamps to cope with)

NEW STOCK - now have hearts, crescent moon, 5 point star, & more....  

18 shapes available  - most in 2 sizes


Doughnut (square)  100mm  &  75mm

Rectangle  90 x 50mm  &  75 x 45mm

Triangle (equilateral) 100mm  &  75mm

Diamond (see below)

Tear drop  110mm length  &  85mm length


Doughnut (round)   100mm   &  75mm

Circle  80mm dia.  &  60mm

Half circle  95mm dia. &  70mm

Leaf  90mm length  &  70mm

Oval  100mm length   &  75mm





Larger size

$12.00 per pair    

3 pairs (of your choice)  $30.00


Smaller size  

$10.00 per pair  3 pairs (of your choice) $25.00


Pentagon   100mm dia

Hexagon   100mm dia

Diamond   120mm length   &  85mm

Isosceles Triangle     100mm length








Heart   100mm wide  &  80mm

Cresent Moon    100mm  tall  &  80mm

Scale     80mm wide

Squished square     80mm wide

5 Point Star     110mm dia   &  80mm








Plastic.  For use with itajme shapes or by themselves.

Small approx 25mm long   6 for $5.00  

Medium  approx 150mm long  each $2.00

Large  approx 230mm long   each $2.50 








Shibori sticks  

Slender plastic sticks  55mm long - perfect for binding around to create 'spider web' like patterns  

$3.50 pack of 200+


Last updated: 5 Jul 2017