Artist's Bag  $25.00
-  white cotton bag (approx 37cm square, long shoulder strap)
with pack of Crayola fabric markers, Pentel crayons, Zig wash out marker & black Pentel Gel Pen.  Full instructions inc.
Block Print Bag  $25.00
-  white cotton bag (approx 37cm square. long shoulder strap)
with 8x8cm Ezy Carve block, carving tools, foam roller & tray, & 200ml black fabric paint.  Full instructions  inc.
Children's Art Quilt Kit   $25.00
-  instructions,  pack of 7 Pentel fabric crayons,
1 x black Pentel Gel Pen, 6 x 25cm squares of white
cotton homespun.














Tie Dye Kit  $35.00  

-  enough for 5+ adult size t-shirts.    5 bottles,  3 Drimarene K dyes (yellow, pink, turquoise), fixative, and instructions.  


BIG  Tie Dye Kit   $85.00                                                         

- enough for 40+ adult size t-shirts.  10 bottles, 50g each of Drimarene K Yellow, Red 4B (pink), Turqouise, & Jet Black, 1kg soda ash (fixative), 250ml Dyewash, + gloves, measuring spoon, funnel, & mask.  Inc. instructions.  Packed in a 10 litre bucket.



Shibori with Indigo  4 litre kit  $35.00  

-  enough synthetic indigo, soda ash & sod hydros to make 4 litres of indigo vat.  + gloves, small arashi pole, clothes pegs, string, and rubber bands.  Full instructions.


BIG Shibori with Indigo kit  $55.00  

-  enough of everything to make a 15 litre vat.  + gloves, arashi pole, clothes pegs, string, thread, rubber bands, clamps, and 1 pair itajime shapes.  NO bucket.  Full instructions inc.






D.I.Y.  Wax Wrap Kit    $40.00

- 200g of blended beeswax, pine resin,

   jojoba & coconut oils  with full instructions

- make your own environmentally friendly & responsible

   wax wraps instead of using plastic cling wrap 

- enough to make at least six  25 x 25cm wraps,

   just melt and paint onto your own cotton fabric



Marbling Kit   $50.00

- your choice of 5 Hot Colour 100ml colours, alum, carrageen, 2.5 litre tray, eye droppers, etc. & full instructions.


Colouring in with Silk Scarf   $40.00

- silk painting kit


Astrazon dye Kit  $20.00  

-  10g each of yellow, red, & turquoise, acetic acid, & instructions.  Hot water dye for acrylic & pandamus leaves


Batik Kit  $50.00

Black Pack  $10.00  - Drimarene K Jet Black, soda ash, Dyewash, & instructions.  To dye 250g fabric.  Perfect for faded jeans,  etc.

Devore Kit  $25.00  -  enough chemicals to make up 250ml of devore paste, with instructions.

Drimarene K kit  $35.00  -  10g each of Yellow, Scarlet,  Red 4B, Turquoise, & Jet Black  +  soda ash, Dyewash, and instructions

Naphtol dye kit  $35.00  -  10g each of Naphtol G & AS, Diazo Orange RD, Scarlet R, & Blue GC.  50ml TRO & instructions.

Polysol Transfer dye kit  $35.00  -  10g each of Yellow, Magenta, Blue, Brown, & Black.  DR33 thickener, and instructions.

Solar Dyes basic kit  $10.00  - 5g each of Yellow, Red, & China Blue.  + instructions.  Simple hot water dye.

Solar Dye kit  $35.00  - 10g each of Yellow, Red, China Blue, Pionk, Turquoise, & Brown.  + instructions.  Simple hot water dye.

Jacquard Lumiere Kits

-  Halo & Jewell colours  $30.00

-  Lumiere & Neopaque  $30.00







Jacquard  Pearl Ex packs

Solarfast  $40.00



Last updated: 15 Jan 2020