Screen Printing

Hydrotech  Fabric Paints  -  a range of water based products suitable for printing on most commonly used natural and synthetic materials.  Please go to the "Fabric Paints" page for colour chart etc.


Screens  -  not stocking these until we can work out an economical and practical way to pack them for postage that guarantees they will arrive without holes or other damage.


Squeegees  - lightweight aluminium handle, made to your size requirement      $1.70 per centimetre


Ezi Cut  -  plastic coated paper suitable for use with all fabric paints.  Used as a simple stencil for screen printing, but can also be used as a stencil with other techniques eg. paint sticks, foam roller, sponge, etc.  The paper is thin, white, and easily cut with a stencil knife.  Wash with cold water.  Re-usable.              $9.50 per sheet  65 x 91 cm


Screen Block  -  liquid,  painted on to screen, easily removed with hot water and detergent   250ml  $5.00


Speedball products


Last updated: 14 Dec 2016