Block Printing

Quarter circle Indian wood block with fabric paint & discharge paste on hand dyed cotton.


Hydrotech  fabric paint  -  correct consistency for screen printing & block printing.

For full details inc. colour chart & prices, go to "Fabric Paints".


Ezy Carve Printing blocks - the rubber block that carves without  effort, produces a clean sharp image, and makes printing so easy.  1cm thick.  Washes up easily.  Much easier to carve than lino, but possibly not as fine a detail possible.  4 sizes.    

8 x 8cm    $4.00

14 x 21cm    $10.00

21 x 29cm A4    $15.00

30 x 30cm    $25.00


Lino  -  traditional printmakers linoleum.  Reliably carved by good quality, sharp carving tools produces a finely detailed, sharp, clear print.   Easy to clean.   3.2mm thick.   2 sizes

15 x 15cm    $3.50

30 x 30cm    $13.50


Carving tools  -  for carving your own printing blocks  (Ezy or lino)  Manganese steel blades.  Sturdy plastic handle with soft "easy grip".

Pack of 6    $10.00


Compressed Sponge  -  make your own printing stamps.  A sponge that has been compressed to the consistency of cardboard for easy and accurate cutting.  Draw your design directly onto the sheet, cut out with scissors and then immerse in water to expand. Best if glued onto a rigid plastic backing before use.  Rinse in cold water after use, dry naturally, and use it again and again.  Each sheet approx 205mm x 150mm  (8" x 6")   10mm thick once expanded

Single sheet       $5.00

Pack of 5         $20.00


Foam Rollers  -  plain, striped, or dappled pattern       40mm wide  $2.00     75mm  $2.50

Foam roller  - and brush with paint tray       $2.00 each

Brayer  -  hard rubber roller     10cm wide   $5.50     20cm  $9.00


Wood Blocks  -  Indian, hand carved, old & each one unique. 

From $20.00 to $75.00 each.  Price depends on size, condition, and design.  Please go to our "Gallery" page for photographs of a selection of the blocks available.


ArtFoamies  - ArtFoamies Stamps are durable, bold foam stamps designed for use on many surfaces. They can be used with water based fabric paints, thickened dyes, etc.  Each ArtFoamies Stamp comes with a free washable, reusable StampBuddy pad. Sized to fit the stamp, the StampBuddy ensures even distribution of paint to get clean, crisp prints; it is customizable, holding one or more paint colors at a time for unique multi-color effects.


African Skin    

Approx 60mm x 175mm














A Leaf

Approx. 70mm long














Cloud 9  small

Approx 90mm long

(no stamp buddy)














Corn Circle

Approx. 95mm across



















Darling Daisy  small

Approx. 60mm across













Dragonfly  mini

Approx. 110mm wingspan














Eye / ball

Approx. 35mm across












Fern Leaf

Approx. 140mm long




























Approx  110mm long















Funny Square















Guinea Fowl feather  small

Approx. 75mm long













Happy Edge

 95mm x 30mm












Holiday Tree

180mm  tall













Jeffrey's Pattern

 Approx.  65mm across















Leaf Vine

Approx.    mm long












Pattern Scratch

 85mm  square





















Reversible Leaf

Approx. 110mm long













Sea Side


of 6.

















Approx 95mm across















Swirl Leaf

Approx. 100mm long

















Swirly  large

Approx. 65mm across
















Swirly  Mini

Approx. 35mm across











Triangle  Modern



Last updated: 30 Aug 2016