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A brief description of the dyes...

ACID    -  For wool & silk (& nylon). Warm to hot water dyes with addition of acid (acetic, citric, or white vinegar)

ASTRAZON     -  Basic dye.  For acrylic, raffia, feathers, & wood.  Hot water dye with addition of acid (acetic, etc).

DRIMALAN  F  -  Fibre reactive dye.  For silk & wool.  Specifically for hand painting with steam fixation.

DRIMARENE  K - Fibre reactive dye.  For cotton, linen, etc., & silk.  Cold to warm water with addition of soda ash.

KOOL WOOL  -  Acid dye.  For wool.  Warm water dye with addition of acid (acetic, etc)

NAPHTOL & DIAZO  -  Azoic dye.  For natural fibres.  Cold water dye.  Instantaneous colour as 2 parts combine

NATURAL  -  For natural fibres.  Hot water dyes (simmered or steamed) usually with addition of mordant.

POLYSOL  - Disperse dye. For polyester & some other synthetics.  Immersion dyeing (hot water) & transfer printing.

PROCION  MX  -  Fibre reactive dye.  For cotton, linen, etc., & silk.  Cold to warm water with addition of soda ash.

SOLAR  - Direct dye.  For cotton, linen, rayon, etc., & silk.  And nylon (paler shades) Hot water with addition of salt

TWO FACE  -  for the simultaneous dyeing of composite fabrics eg devore




Last updated: 25 Jul 2017