A range of high quality water based inks suitable for printing on most commonly used natural and synthetic materials. Made in Australia.


Available in 200ml,  400ml, and 1 litre sizes.


Hydrotech Standard Colours                                                                                                                          

Are formulated for use on light coloured fabrics and available in full range of bright and vibrant colours.

Standard colours     200ml   $7.15          400ml   $9.50          1 litre   $15.50

Rhodamine                         11.95                      16.00                       26.65              


Hydrotech Fluorescent Colours

Exceptionally brilliant shades achieved with very fine fluorescent pigments that allow high strength colours without causing a stiff feel to the print.

200ml   $11.95          400ml   $16.00          1 litre   $26.65


Hy-Cover ™ Colours

This is a range of highly pigmented colours designed to give bright opaque prints on dark fabrics while retaining a soft feel and excellent stretch properties.

Colours              200ml   $18.25          400ml   $24.25           1 litre  $42.00

Metallic Gold                   21.85                        29.25        
Metallic Silver                  16.50                        22.00

Pearlescent                       13.65                        18.20


Hy-Puff ™ Base

This inks rises when heated and can be used to give depth and a three dimensional effect to print images.  Mix colours with base to create coloured 3D effects.

200ml   $19.80          400ml  $26.40          1 litre  $40.75




Manufacturer's recommendations for Hydrotech Colours...

Mesh  -  for both standard and fluorescent colours, monofilament mesh in the range of 43T to 48T metric (110T to 120T U.S) is recommended . To achieve the best results with Hy-Cover and Hy-Puff inks, a coarser monofilament screen around 32T metric (80 T U.S) is required.

Stencil  -  all Hydrotech products require the use of a water -resistant type of stencil.

Curing  -  Hydrotech products should be heat-cured at approximately 150 C /300 F for 3 minutes. Fabrics that cannot withstand this temperature should be treated at lower temperatures for a longer duration.

Cleanup  -  all Hydrotech products are water-based and equipment is easily cleaned with water. Ink should not be allowed to dry on screens as it will result in clogging and staining.




Last updated: 1 May 2012