No Fix/Hot Colour

***  HOT COLOUR (was No Fix Silk Paint) has been overhauled & updated  ***
New pricing - see below.  More colours added.

HOT COLOUR is a fabric paint with the consistency of water.  Full strength colours with a very soft finish on the fabric.  Hot Colour paints can be used on all natural fabrics and most commonly used synthetics.

HOT COLOUR can be used for silk painting - all the usual silk painting techniques e.g. water based gutta, rock salt effect, urea, colour mixing and blending, etc. are possible.

HOT COLOUR is also perfect for marbling and sun printing techniques.


To fix - simply iron on the reverse side of the fabric.


NEW colours  -  Magenta, Plum, Turquoise, & Ochre.  New colour chart coming soon...



100ml     $6.50

250ml     $9.50

1 litre      $30.00



Last updated: 24 Nov 2014